nVidia PowerMizer powersaving in Linux

21 December 2007 at 6:49 pm (GNU/Linux) (, )

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nvidia powermizer



  1. coreSOLO said,

    I am using Geforce 6150. After updating to latest drivers, I can see the PowerMizer tab, but no matter ma lappy is running on AC or Batt, it displays same core/memory speed. No change 😦

  2. aldeby said,

    nVidia GeForce Go 6150 has PowerMizer 5.0 revision
    here is a link stating this:

    As far as I understood AC/BATT switch is based on ACPI information, thus with some laptop BIOS (ie. latest HP Pavilion) you need to boot with battery in order to get it recognize you are on battery.
    A part from this make sure you do not have any application that makes intense use of graphics (compiz is ok, however if I just make a window wobble for a while nVidia driver makes my video card run at maximum frequencies).

    Performance Mode is either ‘Maximum performance’ or ‘Desktop’, however I haven’t understood the actual difference.

  3. enable nVidia CoolBits (frequency tuner) | nobody was Born with Linux KnowHow said,

    […] refer also to my article about PowerMizer, which is a dynamic frequency changing feature for minimize energy consumption and heat production […]

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